Why Oath Keepers are a Threat

The Oath Keepers are an underrated threat that the United States is facing right now. They have been causing trouble for a long time, while they continue to build up their ranks and develop teams and protocols. Most recently, several high-ranking members have been indicted in the attack on the Capitol in D.C. on January... Continue Reading →

Are There Really Liberal Preppers?

The fast and dirty answer is, YES. There are liberal preppers. The idea of being a prepper has long been associated with right-wing rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and extreme survivalists. Most liberals have distanced themselves from this (perceived) panic-driven, testosterone-fueled, apocalypse-focused, "crazy," gun-porn ideology. It's time to clear some things up. Prepping is simple, logic-based, and... Continue Reading →

You’re not alone.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. Our Capitol has been attacked by insurrectionists. A deadly pandemic is spreading violently across the land. Our economy is holding on by a thread as we navigate massive income loss. There is little to no help from our government. In the midst of all of that,... Continue Reading →

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